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A lot of people would benefit of using all-weather tires throughout the year

All-weather tires are different than all-season tires, as they have been designed to also cover winter weather. The all-season tires, despite the quite confusing name, will only cover spring, summer and fall, but not winter season. A lot of consumers are confused by this and believe that they also safely can be used also during winter conditions. All-season tires as basically summer tires and should only be used during warm temperatures. Once the temperature drops below 45 degrees Fahrenheit the all-season tires will turn hard and won’t be able to conform to the road surface, which is needed to have good grip on different roads surfaces. This is why you will need to have tires that remain soft at low temperatures and why all-season tire users should switch to winter tires once the temperature drops and winter is approaching. 

Tires that are designed for cold temperatures and winter conditions, will have a rubber compound that remains soft and flexible at low temperatures. In addition to having a rubber compound that remains soft, the tread pattern is also designed for winter conditions. The tread has to be able to handle ice in a way that they need to provide grip on this challenging surface. Some of the winter tires have metal studs to help with this aspect and the non-studded uses different sipe patterns and additives in the tread. The tread also contributes to the grip in snowy conditions as well as on slush. 

The Nokian WR G4 is Nokian Tyres’ 4th generation all-weather tires, that have constantly been improved to be the best ever to enter the market. They have a rubber compound that is designed for both cold and warm climates, so that they can be used all-year round. These tires have been approved for winter use and have the severe service emblem symbolizing that they have passed the stringent performance tests for winter tires and can safely be used in winter conditions. Their sipe technology used in the tread is outstanding and ensures great grip on wet, dry and even snowy roads. They use snow claws in the tread that gives great grip on snow and silent sidewall technology to dampen the road impact to make the tires very quiet and improve the driving comfort.

The tires are also recommended for use on electrical cars or hybrids, making them a good addition to the ones that want to make an environmental contribution as they tires produced by Nokian Tyres are produced in an environmental way using only purified low aromatic oils in their production, making them a better choice. 

If you haven’t already considered using all-weather tires, then this might be an eye opener for you and giving you a chance to consider a very convenient and flexible option to ensure that safe driving throughout the year regardless of weather conditions. The main thing to keep in mind is that you will need to have tires that are approved for winter use if you want to drive in winter weather. You also need to have those tires mounted before you drive on snow or ice.

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