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Car to a Dealership to Do Car Services

Benefits of Taking Your Car to a Dealership to Do Car Services

You must drop it off at the dealership when you wish to get car services or repairs! You get to experience the best customer experience when you fix your car at the dealership! Want to learn more? Visit the Lincoln dealership San Antonio for more information!

What Do You Benefit from Taking the Car to the Dealership?

They Have Expertise and Training

The mechanics at dealerships get factory training for different car models so that every car coming in receives the proper treatment. After you meet with your service advisor, the vehicle will then be assigned to a mechanic to fix the issues that your car is facing!

Ongoing training will ensure the car technicians are updated on the latest processes and know everything about your car model.

Original Equipment

All the repairs carried out at the dealership should come with the original car parts. Using original parts means that broken parts are always replaced with proper, duplicate parts.

While getting original parts from a third-party service provider is possible, many people do so to save money. However, it does not guarantee that your parts will have a longer lifespan! Getting the job done at the dealership means that it meets the dealership’s standards!


A warranty on labor means the vehicle can also be fixed without any charges – free of cost at any dealership if the repair services do not work. Moreover, when you get free repairs for the warranty, you save a lot of money by picking a dealership over a third-party service provider. In some instances, there is also an extended warranty.

At times, manufacturers also find issues related to particular car models, and an exceptional warranty will cover the job for you! You might have never heard about these types of contracts if you never met this problem. The dealership will be able to provide you with all the answers to your questions when you send your car in for repair.

More Space at the Workshop

Dealerships always have more space when you send the car to be fixed at their garage. Their lots are much better than other third-party mechanic service providers, giving them much more room for repairing and working on several cars at once.

They also have more staff, meaning many people can perform services and repairs at once. Moreover, other extra services are also provided, like car washes and other perks! You get a shiny, clean car when you take it back from servicing, so don’t be alarmed!

Dealers also have the latest information about the car’s specifications, and you can get the latest tools and equipment when they are first released. It is a superior system when your dealership finds all your car issues! Diagnostic and repair tools are also meant to work with technology in today’s latest car models. It saves a lot of time and headaches!

Updated Recall Information

Although it might seem that you hear about car recalls on the news every day, some of the details need to be added to the information. The mail will tell you about the recalls affecting your vehicle, but you might miss the notifications if you change your home address.

Manufacturers will tell dealerships to meet all issues with recalls and send out bulletins for minor matters relating to specific car problems. When you bring the car for services, the dealership will check whether the recalls are updated. If there is an issue, the vehicle will be fixed right away!


Now that you know everything about sending your car to the dealership, it is time to get a maintenance check today!