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Everything you Need to Know about Exhaust Replacement

If you are using a car for some time now, you must be knowing that the exhaust system plays a vital role to run your car. If there is any issue related to the exhaust system of your car, the “check engine” light will turn on automatically on your dashboard and stay on till you don’t address it.

With a broken exhaust system in your vehicle, you are not only exposed to personal safety concerns but will also make your car run with significantly less fuel efficiently. In other words, without a fully functional exhaust system, running your car will throw at you too many challenges, while replacing the broken exhaust system of your car will not only solve all the related issues in one go, but also be a money-saving as well as satisfactory action to bring back a smooth driving experience.

So, how to know, if it is time to replace your vehicle’s exhaust system? The team of mechanics at the Fort Irwin auto repair shop explained us the following way.

Audible Clues

To know if the exhaust system of your vehicle is doing fine, you also need to have a basic idea of the ecosystem, which isn’t really that difficult. Listen for the sound of the muffler. If it is silently working, you can relax, but if your vehicle’s exhaust system is at trouble, the muffler will give you a clear audible clue, by making weird sounds. When such things happen, know that it’s time to head towards the auto repair shop and order for a replacement.

Clues from Other Components

The exhaust system of a vehicle is made of different components that are spread almost all over the vehicle body, starting from engine to the tailpipe. At the frontal part of your car, the motor uses an exhaust manifold to remove all the combustion gases away from the cylinders. The manifold again is linked to a catalytic converter that is responsible for cleaning up all the mixture of chemicals before sending them down the line to either the muffler or a resonator. This is so because both of these parts share equal responsibility to quiet down the sound that is produced whenever the gases make sound while passing through the metal tube.

The Ticking Sound

Not always the exhaust leaks will send loud audible messages, as not all its parts are linked to the car’s muffler. Most of its parts are connected through welding and flanges that can loosen after a certain period of time.

The other most common sign of the exhaust system malfunctioning is when the exhaust gases start escaping before time. In such condition there will be a ticking sound that will get louder and increase in quicker intervals indicating a leakage through a crack that has developed in the exhaust manifold. So, never ignore that ticking sound, and go prepared for the replacement.

If any of the above mentioned symptoms show up in your vehicle, the mechanical team of the center for auto repair Fort Irwin suggest that you take your vehicle for replacing the exhaust system, before it starts damaging other parts.