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Explore The Different Ways To Enter In The Motorcycle Giveaway

If you are pondering over the idea of conducting a Motorcycle Giveaway and make it a success then you are not alone. Creating an online contest helps drive traffic to your webpage, improve your following and increase your chances of getting targeted leads. We have decided to address this issue on a step-by-step basis which will help you create the perfect giveaway

Ways To Enter A Motorcycle Giveaway

Well, it’s time to know the steps to get into a motorcycle lead. Here is a quick guide that can take you to the right path. What are you waiting for? Let’s jumbo into the list!

·      Set a Goal

Setting the main goal for doing this project will help you determine if it was successful or not and also help you measure the final results. The goal could be anything from generating sales to increasing brand awareness.

·      Select Contest Prize

People love getting free stuff but they won’t enter your contest until you give a suitable prize. To create an online contest that gets a lot of buzzes you need to select a high-quality grand prize that will attract their attention like money, gift cards/certificates, or even a free product/service.

·      Contest Rules

The next step is to focus on the contest rules and logistics. You would need to decide on the type of content you want to run and then focus on setting rules like age and location criteria, start and end dates, and method to decide the winner

·      Promote Your Contest

Use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest to spread the word about your giveaway. You can also use paid promotions for greater and more targeted reach.

·      Pick Contest Winner

Picking a winner is not as easy as it seems but there are several methods of doing so. The best option though is to go for a random draw as it allows you to finalize the contest winner in the fairest possible manner.

·      Follow Up After the Contest Is Over

This is a very important step as checking up with everyone who entered the contest will allow you to forge better connections with them. Social media and Email Newsletters are the best way to do so.

·      Track The Final Results

It is imperative that you go through the final results of your contest in terms of page visits, number of entries, website promotions, ad revenues, etc. This will help you firm upon the strategy of future contests as well.


Conducting a Motorcycle Giveaway is a vital tool to increase brand awareness and conversations while also leading to potential sales opportunities in the future.

All the best!!!