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Hire the party bus service in Niagara city at affordable prices

Niagara Falls bus service is absolutely a fabulous transport to your dream destination. Niagara Falls is located just 81 miles from the metropolis Toronto. Here, you can hire Niagara Falls Party Bus at affordable prices. However, you can also hire a party bus at Niagara city to visit the most attractive tourist destinations in and around Niagara, such as Tour of Maid of the Mist, Visit of Souvenir City, Tour of Whirlpool Rapid, White Water Walk, Niagara’s Fury 4D Theatre, etc. The city offers excellent tourist infrastructure – with large hotels, an incredible variety of shops and restaurants, and fun attractions around every corner.

Night excursions can be good

It can be very difficult to manage the size of your vacation with the hundreds of thousands of things you want to know while traveling. But, if you were curious to see the Niagara Falls lit up and your itinerary does not accommodate an overnight stay in Niagara Falls, a good way out is to take a “night” excursion to the city. If you hire party bus service in Toronto to visit Niagara Falls, the total duration of tour is 9 hours. It is enough time to get to know the little Niagara Falls well, have dinner in a restaurant overlooking the falls and still take the boat trip that arrives close to the waterfalls. All of this is included in the package. And, the bus only departs from Niagara after a look at the light show. It is an excellent way to enjoy the Niagara Falls to its fullest.

Prefer to spend at least one night

The city is small and, although there are a good number of attractions, you shouldn’t spend a lot of time there. Optimize your itinerary. Dedicate the morning to the waterfalls (boat trip, Journey Behind the Falls, Niagara’s Fury, etc), and the rest of the day to visit the Clifton Hill region, with its ferries wheel, parks, casinos and other attractions. Although the city can be seen in a short period, those who opt for the round trip almost always miss an important part of the waterfall show: the light show that takes place daily. The lights are turned on right after the sun goes down. The lighted waterfalls are beautiful – even more so than during the day. Another advantage gained when staying overnight in Niagara Falls is the possibility of extending the trip to the neighboring Niagara-on-the-lake.

Some activities you should consider

There is no shortage of things to do.

  • Niagara’s Fury: this is a 4D experience, created in a 360-degree theater, which tells about the emergence of Niagara Falls, back in the ice age.
  • Journey behind the waterfalls: here you have the most amazing view of the falls.
  • Horn blower Niagara Cruises: This is for those who are not afraid to get wet. The boats leave from a point near the big ferries wheel of Niagara Falls, taking dozens of tourists to the base of the falls.
  • Helicopter tour: For those who want to have a different and more exclusive angle of the Niagara Falls, a helicopter flight is the right choice.