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How to Take Better Care of Vehicles?

However safely one may drive and also take care of the prized vehicle with utmost care, the eventual chances of some inevitable scratch on its body persist. These scratches may be caused by another rashly driven bike or a car. If not, it could be an outcome of foolhardy prank by a mischief maker or a vagabond when the vehicle is parked in a public place. And for minor scratches it is futile to rush to the garage of a denting specialist or a painter which in fact will be an expensive affair.

In case the vehicle is a two-wheeler one need not get perturbed since a branded aerosol spray paint is readily available in the market. All that one has to do is to ascertain the nearest outlet for this aerosol product. As this paint is in multiple shades specific to various models of bikes and scooters, the bike owner ought to match the suggested colour of the paint with that of the vehicle. Instructions on application of this spray paint are simple to follow and what one needs is little patience for the bike to regain its original glaze and beauty.

According to the maker of this paint, the bike must be parked in a well-ventilated spot, free from dust and direct sunlight. The scratched portion must be thoroughly cleaned of foreign particles like dirt and wax polish. After shaking the paint can vigorously, it must be held around a foot away from the scratched surface to commence the spraying in light stroking manner.

By and large, a can contains 120 grams of compressed paint as such more than two coatings are possible.  However, five minutes gap is advised between two coats. While spraying, one must ensure that there is no dripping. At the end of the planned coatings, wait for the paint to dry before wiping it clean with a dry cloth. Most of the manufacturers prescribe drying up of the touched up area for 72 hours so as to enable full curing the paint film.

As for certain precautions, when the surface is hot to touch, this ‘operation touch up’ should not be carried out. Above all, never keep the aerosol can close to any source of heat and fire. Apart from this touch-up paint, paint pen kits for vehicles are also available in the market. These paint pens are used like a market to eclipse a scratch or defaced spot on the body of a vehicle.

When it comes to personalised care of vehicles, there are formulators, manufacturers and aerosol spray paint supplier in India with branded products of international standard. This polish is special liquid blend of quality waxes and high tech silicones to lend high gloss and protection to the car’s painted surface. Likewise, there are specially formulated car shampoos to clean and restore the original gloss of the car which tends to fade everyday due to the tropical climate and assorted pollutants like exhaust smoke from the belching trucks and badly maintained vehicles on the roads.