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Make the use of motorcycle tire changing tools 

For doing anything there is always a right way and when it comes to changing tires there is a huge need for having motorcycle tire changing toolsAs tires are the most important part of a motorcycle and if the tires are not placed in the right way then one could have an injury or damage could happen to both tires as well as a motorcycle.

In case the tire gets damaged on the way one should know the right way of using the motorcycle tire changing tools and one could change the tire:

  1. Remove the motorcycle tires – One should have the kit ready before removing the tire. There are various tools that one may require in changing the tires like tire irons, valve core tool, bead breaker, and many others. If these tools are not lined up then it will take much time or maybe one could not able to change the tire.
  2. Remove the air from the tire – With the help of the Valve core tool, one can remove all the air from the tire. This tool is screwed or snapped on the valve for making it open. The force with which air comes out is mostly strong so one should hold the valve tightly.
  3. Mark arrow on edge of rim – With a pencil, an arrow should be marked so that when it needs to be put back one should know that in which direction one has taken it off. As it will indicate the spinning of wheels towards the direction where the bike is going.
  4. Detaching the rim from the bead – With the help of the bead breaker tool available in the motorcycle tire changing tools the bead should be detached from the rim. There will be a pop type of sound when it detaches. If it is not coming outside then one should push the air out from the tires and then try to detach it.
  5. Using silicone lubricant spray – In case still, the bead does not come out then silicon lubricant spray could be used for taking it off as it will make it slip to come out. One can use the tire iron with lubricant and it pulls out easily. Both sides of the tires should be taken out completely.
  6. Lubricating the new tires – If there is any problem with the tire then one needs to put the new tire in it. For that one needs to lubricate the tire with spay to make the new tire easy to work with.
  7. Placing in the same marked direction – The new tire needs to be placed in the same direction as it was marked with the previous tire.
  8. Attaching the tire – The tire needs to be attached with the rim from one side using tire iron so that it can push the tire into the rim.
  9. Pumping of air – The air needs to be pumped inside using the compressed air pump, it should be not be inflated fully. It should be as per the recommended pressure.
  10. Reinsert into valve stem – With the use of valve stem, it could be reinserted into the valve stem. It should be tight so that it does not come out.

It is essential that one should have the motorcycle tire changing tools and also know how to use it. as there could be a time when one cannot take the help of others and need to do self-help.