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Most Economical Cars 2019

The UK nation is increasingly becoming more frugal. Partially for the sake of honing in on finances and somewhat out of necessity for preventing further unnecessary damage to the planet. In response to the UK’s emerging greener attitude, we are seeing an increase in economical cars. That, in comparison to their solely fuel-guzzling counterparts, is also cheaper to run. For instance, they have little to no car tax and exclusion from London city’s congestion charges. If you are one for investing in a car that’s kinder to your pockets and equally, hope to reduce your carbon footprint, this article touches on the most economical hybrid vehicles to date below. 

Toyota Prius

A much talked about cost-effective vehicle is the Prius, which is also a surprisingly popular choice amongst the wealthy. As one of the most economical cars on the market, this vehicle emulates a futuristic design in appearance, and for up to £290 per month on finance, you can reap the positive benefits of achieving a rate of 235 mpg. Using this car, you can expect to drive up to 30 miles using the electric power source alone.

Kia Niro

The Kia crossover is an efficient hybrid for those who prefer the advantage of a higher driving position for better visibility on the roads. For an environmentally friendly car that achieves 201.8mpg such as this, you can expect to pay a reasonable £30,000 for a brand new model. A fair price considering its ability to drive off-road while maintaining stability on the modern roads also.

BMW 5 Series

Although this vehicle isn’t as environmentally friendly or cost-effective on fuel as others mentioned throughout this post, 128.4 mpg still exceeds any cars that rely on petrol or diesel alone. For those not wanting to sacrifice image and fun for the sake of selecting a greener vehicle; despite its hybrid roots, the BMW 5 Series maintains a sporty driving style. The electric efficiency is a little less too, at 20 miles using an electrical power source. However, the swift acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in a few seconds makes up for its minor setbacks.

Kia Optima

For those who like the Kia manufacturers car designs, an alternative economical car to the Niro is the Optima which consumes 188.3 mpg. As with most economical cars, the expected travelling distance is up to 30 miles using just electric. However, following this, you’ll be keen to know the Optima PHEV is also efficient once the fuel source kicks in and the electric power begins to dwindle. In terms of price, for an older Kia Optima, you can expect to pay £20,000.

Hyundai Ioniq

Saving the best (most economical car based on mpg) until last, the Ioniq PHEV consumes over 245 mpg! The distance you can achieve in this green car is simply phenomenal. For around £318 a month on finance, you can expect to commute this car between 25 to 30 miles on electric power alone before it needs recharging. 

As we’re almost nearing the end of 2019, it’ll be interesting to see whether any new economical contenders shall make their mark in 2020.