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Things that Taxi Drivers Absolutely HATE

The life of a York taxi driver is far from a walk in the park. Being a taxi driver in York is undeniably one of the most challenging professions out there. Picture this: hours on end spent behind the wheel of a taxicab, often with meager earnings to show for it. These dedicated drivers are obligated to pay the cab companies for their vehicle rentals, and if they don’t manage to secure enough rides each day, they face the grim prospect of returning home with empty pockets, grappling with mounting debts to the company. It’s an utterly harrowing situation. What’s more, we, as their passengers, sometimes inadvertently exacerbate their already challenging lives. Here, you’ll find a list of four things that no York taxi driver enjoys:

Top four things hated by cab drivers:

  • You treating your cab driver like your servant: when you shout at a cab to stop or when you don’t greet them or pass a small smile when you get in then stop doing this. The cab driver is not your servants who you just order around, they’re human beings just like us and we should treat them with respect. Instead, wave your hand to stop the cab and when the driver pulls over to greet him with a smile.
  • You calling a cab even for a walk able distance: if your destination is just 2 streets away and you still call a cab then you are not doing them a favor rather you are putting them into the loss. The long journeys pay their bills but the small ones use more fuel and pay less. Please just walk to your destination if you can, unless it is a total emergency. Even if you’re using the cab for smaller distances then you should pay them more than your fare to cover for the loss or else they have to suffer
  • Trying to rule over the cab driver: imagine if someone visits you in your office and tells you to do work their way how would you feel? Bad, right? That is how the cab drivers feel when you keep nagging them from behind. If you want your cabbie to follow a certain route to your destination then you should tell it to them as soon as you get in or don’t say anything at all. Also, you should NEVER ask your cab driver to break the traffic (or any other) laws even when you are in hurry. It is your responsibility to plan ahead and keep the time margin in control so that you won’t be late for important engagements.
  • Eating and making their cars messy: for trying to save some time you get some food and plan on eating it in the cab. It is not a new thing that even the best people can spill food in the car because it is moving. If you eat in the cab you should clean up after yourself or simply wait a bit longer until you reach your destination to eat it. Just don’t leave a dirty car for the driver to clean after you; before eating ask him if he is okay with you eating in his car.

On a side note just be nice to your cab drivers because they too are humans and deserve the same respect as any celebrity do. They drive a cab because they are trying to earn a living and it is not an easy job. The least we could do is to stop making their already hard life more difficult and be kind to them. This does not mean that all cabbies are amazing people, some have shady personalities too but you can’t punish them all because of a few, can you?