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Tips for Keeping Your Bike in Good Condition

A little maintenance may save you money on bikes and help you stay safe. However, one has to always look the condition of the bike. The efficient motorbike is maintained properly and the quality is consistently great. There are a few easy things you should perform daily to maintain your bike in good condition. Thus, these guidelines to maintain a bike to make sure you have a smooth ride.

Check your tyre regularly

Take a close look at the condition of your bike and the air pressure. Ensure that the tyre air pressures are kept at the recommended levels by your bike’s manufacturer. Check your tyres for any rips or scratches that might lead to problems like a tyre blowout. At least once a week, inspect your tyre treads. Check the wheel balance and alignment as well. Before going to buy you should pay attention to verify the splendor plus i3s price.

Check the oil in the engine

Engine oil is essential for your bike’s smooth functioning and maintenance. Check the engine oil level regularly and make sure it is always at the proper level. Examine the area for any possible oil leaks. The oil will thicken due to the presence of carbon deposits, causing a drag in the movement of the engine internals.You can get better clarification and completely knowledgeable about the performance while checking the super splendor review.

A clean air filter

The dusty circumstances in your place might block the air filter in a short period, so make sure to maintain it clean. Replace the air filter at regular intervals and increase the cleaning frequency if the environment is excessively dusty.


The engine is the heart of your bike, so keeping it serviced and tuned up regularly will keep it running smoothly and save you money on gas. When cleaning the engine and maintaining valve clearances, pay extra care. Clean out the engine parts, as well as the other parts, after every bike ride. You should make sure your spark plug is clean and the gap is adjusted properly.

Clutch Adjustment 

A Clutch is a device that is frequently used to shift gears at regular intervals throughout a trip. The clutch should be properly adjusted and have the appropriate amount of free movement. You should not overtighten your clutch. Because your overtightened clutch will cause it to move before you notice it, resulting in increased fuel consumption.

Keep your brakes on

Always make sure that both brakes are appropriately spaced to retain the tyre in place. It is quite dangerous when brakes become too tight or too loose. Brakes should constantly be adjusted according to the bike rider’s specific style and requirements.

Check the battery

Regularly inspect and clean the bike’s battery. Replace the cell as soon as possible if there is any leaking. When the bike isn’t used much, the battery should be changed regularly.


You should give the major importance to maintain your bike in the right condition which can help to increase the life of the bike.The tips listed above will assist you in keeping it in good working order.