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Understanding How a Drop Shift Gear Transmission Box Works

When you purchase a car, you will have to decide whether you want a manual or an automatic one. But there’s another choice of transmission you need to know, which is the drop shift gear or DSG transmission box. It’s also known as a dual-clutch gearbox. Both the DSG and automatic transmission look alike with the controls and the way that the DSG changes gears in the same smooth manner as an automatic one. And due to its high-performance level, the DSG transmission will need a lot of maintenance. You can check out dsg transfusion fluid here.

If you want to know what a DSG transmission gearbox is, how it differs from other gearboxes, and what makes it overall better – you should read on to find out. It will help you decide in the future if you should purchase a car with DSG transmission or not.  

The Common DIfference of DSG Between Automatic

Are you wondering whether the DSG gearbox is better than a traditional automatic one? Should you buy a DSG gearbox? To help you better understand, a DSG gearbox is basically two gearboxes in one connected to the car’s engine via two drive shafts. It also has two clutches, which are controlled hydraulically using a mechatronics system. On the other hand, in a traditional automatic gearbox, the engine’s drive is taken via a torque converter. But in a manual gearbox, the drive from the engine is taken care of by a clutch. A torque converter offers a smooth gear change but uses a thick hydraulic fluid.

The main advantage of using a DSG gearbox is that the gearbox that’s not being used is able to determine which gear you will choose next, and it will prepare that gear. That’s why the gear changes are smooth and fast. An electrical unit uses the following information: engine speed, road speed, accelerator position, and driving mode. All of these are the basics when selecting the optimum gear and determining the shift point.

Knowing the Cost of DSG Transmission Gearboxes

There are some cars, which can be ordered only with a DSG gearbox. But it’s mainly offered as a cost option. Obviously, the cost varies between car companies. But for example, Volkswagen will charge about $1400 for an additional DSG gearbox for a Volkswagen Golf hatchback. But if you’re talking about fuel efficiency, you must make the right choice if you’re asked to choose between a manual and a DSG. In terms of performance and economy, a DSG gearbox will become heavier than a manual gearbox.