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What You Should Not Do When Driving A Rental Car

The statistics, among other things, make it clear that we are not very well informed as regards our duties as drivers of a rental car. No, we are not 100% protected from all evil. We will have to pay for our mistakes and our negligence, so we should think of a rental car as if it were our own. Also, as advised by one of the leading car rental companies; Location Decarie, there are some things we should avoid doing at all costs when we drive one of these vehicles.

#1: Hands, behind the wheel

Eating, drinking water or simply holding one hand on the gear lever or on the window are acts that can cause two things, both equally dangerous: that you get distracted or that an unexpected event occurs and you do not know how to react. In both cases, the result is the same: an accident that can be avoided. How much does your life cost?

#2: The eyes, to the road

Distracting yourself with your mobile, changing the song, etc., can have fatal consequences. Are you sure you want to take a chance?

#3: The ears, the environment

As you would not do in your usual vehicle, you should not do it in a rental car: put on helmets or upload the music in such a way that you acoustically isolate yourself from the outside. What might save your life could be a simple sound.

#4: Avoid controversial issues

If you argue with a person or touch a controversial topic, you will be more nervous, which will lead you to pay less attention to the road and to drive worse. Result? Accident. Totally avoidable. Try quiet subjects or listen to calm music. It will ensure a good trip.

#5: Do not give the clutch so much to brake

This will serve to avoid damaging the rental car and a repair arising from negligence to drive that you should afford, but also to take care of the health of your car. Do not use the clutch to brake as much as the engine brake! The clutch brake will help you when you are in a somewhat desperate situation, but it should not be a routine tool.

#6: Take away the just

I said: the insurance of your rental vehicle does not cover negligence or misuse of the car and sticking too much to the vehicles that go before you is considered one of them.

#7: Use the indicators

Not using the indicators implies greater possibilities of having an accident. Do not get lost and always signal your changes of lane or position. It will save you a lot of dislikes and worries.

In general, everything you should not do when driving a rental car is everything you do not do in your own vehicle either. Common sense, as you see, is the best ally in any situation.