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How to Apply for Loan against any Vehicle?

Are you in need of urgent cash? Well nothing helps you out quicker than pledging your vehicle and receiving instant cash. Yes, you can always pledge your vehicle and receive the money to meet your urgent monetary needs. But, how do you apply for loan against your car, van or any two-wheeler?

After you have done sufficient online research and narrowed down your list of lenders and pledging company lists you want to acquire loan from, you can either pay a visit to the nearest branch of the company or apply for it online. If you want to do a comparative study between the offers made by the lending companies, then you can do that also. Once you have chosen your lender, then all you need to do is pay them a visit and apply. The application process may take some time as their consultant will pay a visit to you to evaluate the price of your car.

After you have made an appointment and the condition of your car is checked and all the related documents are analyzed, then you can proceed. If everything is play, then the consultant will make your contract to pledge the car. And, when you sign the contract, your loan amount will get sanctioned and transferred to your account. Hence you receive your cash immediately. You will also be required to submit some documentation which includes the registration book of your vehicle, an ID proof of you and your house registration proof.

Now, if you worried about the security of your car then you can enquire it from the consultant. Majorly all lending companies keep your car safe in the parking lot till the time you pay out the loan amount along with the interest. Make sure that there are no hidden charges charged by the lending company. If you have a van with you, then you can go for van pledge [รับจำนำรถตู้, which is the term in Thai]. So, if you want to enter into car pledge, then do not worry. The procedure is handled by experts and professionals. You can be confident that your vehicle is kept secure and you have got the best value for it.

Today, car pledging services has quickened a lot. Previously getting a loan against car was tedious with too many terms and conditions making every step too long and time consuming. However, with online services, you can easily avail the loan amount on the same day and meet all your fiscal needs immediately. But, it is important that you choose a reliable and reputed car pledging company. There are pawn brokers that do not return your car on time or damage your car while keeping it.

So, analyze the company first and then choose it as per your convenience and need. Make sure you have thoroughly spoken to the consultant and have cleared all the points before signing the contract. Do not worry. It is a simple process and can be done by anyone without any problem.