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Smart Choices for the Best Motorcycle Choices

To drive safely and feel good, the bike must be adapted to its physical abilities and morphology. In case of physical problem (wrist, knee, back, cervical), certain types of motorcycle are more adapted to its morphology by distributing differently the pressure exerted on the body during the driving. With a cote a cote with the two bikes, you can come up with the best results now.

Before buying a motorcycle, new or used, so it is important to test it to check if it suits its morphology: good feelings on the vehicle, handling without difficulty even with the engine cut.

Use of two-wheelers

Finally, the last question to ask is the desired use of the bike: is it for driving alone or two? Mainly on road or highway? Short or long distances? In urban or rural areas?

Categories of motorcycles

Several families of motorcycles exist:

  • The basic-utility bike is small and medium displacement, economical, manageable and suitable for city trips: scooter from 80 cm3 to 250 cm3 and motorcycle 125 road.
  • The GT bike (Grant Tourisme) is a medium and large displacement motorcycle, comfortable for long distances, alone or in pairs.
  • The Roadster or Custom motorcycle offers no protection to its driver (no fairing), not always very handy and a displacement of up to 2300 cm3.
  • The Trail bike is small or medium displacement, economical, light and manageable, suitable for the city and the small roads (very high bike) rather than long journeys.
  • The sport bike is very powerful, expensive to buy and maintain, designed for the track rather than the city and the transport of a passenger, uncomfortable and easy to handle at low speed.
  • The Trial bike, Cross, Enduro or Supermotard is designed for competition, not suitable for driving on the road, most are not approved for driving on the road.

KTM 1090 Adventure (L version – limited to 95 hp instead of 125 hp for A2 clamping compatibility)

Once the latest machines are sold, the 1090 Adventure L will give way to the new 790. However, this may be the time to make a good deal or turn to recent opportunities. Heavy and expensive, the KTM is one of the “biggest” displacements available in A2. It is statutory therefore, but not necessarily the most suitable for young people.

Although, it’s ease, its maneuverability and its predisposition to great road trip have seduced more than one. You need to be specific on your search for the same and there you will be able to come up with the choices that are perfect for you. Specially this whole thing will depend on the kind of training that you will get in the bike driving. The kind of bike you are good at driving you will do so.

Travel lovers, this KTM 1090 Adventure is for you! Right position, wraparound fairings and large saddle allow you to chase kilometers without knowing the feeling of tiredness … Side look, the little Adventure is clearly inspired by his big sister 1290. So, we are facing a machine large size but to the highly rewarding plastic, especially in an A2 motorcycle category where featherweight has become the norm.