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Tamperproof Dash Cams Provide Evidence That Cannot Be Tampered With

Tamperproof dash cams serve as a recording device that provides clear visual evidence whenever any insurance disputes or false accusations take place. Buying a tamperproof dash cam of good quality is indeed a great investment. Whether it is for safety or for peace of mind, a tamperproof dashcam can come in handy. It is basically surveillance oriented video recorder mounted on the windscreen of a vehicle in a way that it faces out the road. All the events going around your car are recorded by the tamperproof dashcam onto a Micro SD card. The footage recorded by a tamperproof dashcam cannot be tampered with and ensures optimum security.

Protection against false accusations

A tamperproof dashcam provides you with video evidence that is unquestionable and offers protection to you against false accusation after an incident has occurred. The video footage can efficiently be used as evidence that assists in removing drivers that hoon around, thus protecting the community in the process. The video evidence provided by tamperproof dash cams is a vital means in investigation of incidents on the road and provides detailed information regarding it. Dash cam footage can prove to be incredibly beneficial and essential. In today’s date tamperproof dashcams are used by majority of fleet owners in Perth. Geobox is undoubtedly one of the well-trusted and reliable suppliers of tamperproof dash cams.

Benefits of installing tamperproof dashcam

Tamperproof dashcams come with a variety of amazing benefits and we will be going through a number of them from here on. So, without further ado, let’s go through the benefits of tamperproof dashcams.

  1. A tamperproof dashcam provides you with clear video footage just in case a road incident takes places. It provides you with utmost protection against false accusations in such cases.
  1. You can save considerable amount of money with the help of a tamperproof dashcam if you weren’t at fault in the incident.
  1. Tamperproof dashcams provide you with utmost protection and valuable evidence from car theft, hit and run incidents and other forms of malicious damage.
  1. Some models of tamperproof dash cams also offer GPS location tracking and the speed of the vehicle.
  1. Tamperproof dashcams save you a whole lot of time by reducing the time to settle a claim by court or an insurance company.
  1. With the help of tamperproof dashcams, the fleet managers and owners are able to monitor and ensure that the employees are following the rules of the company properly when they’re driving.
  1. Tamperproof dashcams are user friendly and they are also easy to install.
  1. The dashcams raise awareness among drivers which protects our roads.