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Things to know about the 2023 Toyota GR Corolla

Checking out the best cars means people should take a look at the 2023 Toyota GR Corolla. It has been designed to attract people and perform in the best ways possible. Some of the really intriguing aspects include a customizable AWD system, fiery powertrain, supreme cornering grip, and more. People visit Eagle Toyota dealer to check out this amazing vehicle and book it. However, there are things that you should know about it first.

Turbocharged monster under the hood

A three-cylinder turbocharged engine is what you will get under GR Corolla. Though it is the same engine as the GR Yaris, which is sold outside the USA. However, this engine is more tuned for GR Corolla to ensure it provides 300 horses; it means that it will make 43 more ponies than the GR Yaris.

To make it even better, it comes with a manual six-speed as its only option. Also, the drivetrain available is an AWD system. This GR-Four setup permits drivers to select power distribution through different available modes; it can have a 50/50 option for front and rear wheels (for adequate racing traction), 60/40 distribution for front and rear (ideal for daily driving), or trying 30/70 option for drifting and other driving aspects.

The ordinary Corolla doesn’t offer any racy performance or handling. However, upgrading to this GR series will create changes in its powertrain and suspension system to make it a great rival in the compact sports car category. Moreover, opting for Circuit Edition would comprise rear and front limited slip differentials.

This GR Corolla can reach 0-60 mph in just 4.9 seconds, which is more than impressive in this segment. Also, its limited edition variants consist of features like forged lightweight wheels, more engine re-tuning to offer torque of 295 pound-feet, calibrated unique suspension, Michelin ultra-sticky Pilot tires, etc.

A combination of civility and surefootedness is what this car offers to its drivers on twisty roads along with a tenacious cornering grip. Also, it offers 21 mpg in cities and 28 mpg on highways; it is quite impressive that a performance car offers such high mileage. To know more about this powertrain and its performance ability, visit Eagle Toyota Dealership.

Interior is similar to a normal Corolla

The interior of this vehicle has a lot of resemblance to an ordinary Corolla. It comes with excellent quality build materials, ample features, and soft-touch surfaces for the ideal experience. However, a slight change made to this GR model is that the seats and other aspects of its interior are designed to look sportier.

Standard equipment involves a driver’s seat with a 6-way adjustable function, ambient lighting, aluminum covers for the pedal, push-button starting system, etc. Some of the optional features include faux-leather and suede upholstery, heated steering, heated seats, auto climate control, and more.

Variants available

Three trims are available for this car; Core, Circuit, and Morizo Edition, which are priced at $36,995, $43,995, and $50,995. You can get either of the trims but if you want the best features and more, Morizo Edition or Circuit is the way to go.

So, knowing these things is enough for you to understand the vehicle and visit a dealership to book it.