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Vision G: The Design Concept of Genesis

The aim of establishing Genesis as a sister concern of Hyundai was to sketch out design oriented cars that would stand as emblems of heightened luxury. So, if you have seen a Genesis model passing by, could you resist looking back at it? we can guess very well, that you couldn’t. to ensure this effect in everyone who takes a look at any Genesis model, the brand has conceptualized a design formula that they call as Vision G. The name carries some explanatory ideas, that a design cast on any Genesis model is first visualized with many angles, that will infuse both the elements of luxury and performance. While luxury in the Vision G is achieved through an intuitive layout, the performance is assured through an aerodynamic planning and execution. But that isn’t enough said about the Vision G of Genesis. The concept indeed has some more interesting facts to boast about, that we gathered from the design experts who were present that day at the Riverside Genesis dealer showroom.

Dare to Luxuriate

The level of luxury that can be observed in any Genesis coupe is enabled through the inventory of the best available premium quality products. These products aren’t only a pleasure to look at, but also bring with them the certainty of endurance, skin pampering touch, and style that never get lost in the crowd. All this add up to the value as Genesis never steps down from its sense of responsibility as a brand, and that is what lays the foundation of luxury. It is only a concept that says luxury comes from freedom from constraints.

This is also an idea that Hyundai breathes into all its vehicle models. Hence the Vision G is a DNA that is framed to balance the weightage of design and performance. The Designers working at the Genesis are all focused on the work atmosphere that establishes a belief that a design that executes a visionary concept need not be loud to attract people around.

Captivating Exterior

Vision G denotes a captivating design that creates in each model a magnetic presence. Some exterior design tweaks that will be typically boasting the Vision G concept are longer hoods and higher beltline while the cabin will be mostly presenting an appearance similar to that of a slingshot.

The boldness in the design will continue through the large sized grille that is beautifully nested in between the sleek looking headlights. The overall appearance will never fall short of its usual elegance while you can’t ignore the athletic cues that are rendered with the easy flowing lines starting from the headlight, travelling through the body sides to the taillight. All the design components would seamlessly integrate to sit perfectly in tune with the voluminous body.

Refined Interior

Each Genesis model created on the basis of Vision G will be rich with luxury oriented materials without making them feel filthy. Be it the leather wrapped upholstery to the genuine wood trim, every Genesis model will envelope all the occupants including the driver into its folds of refined elegance.

Now that you know what the Vision G is responsible for, you can see the Genesis models in any reputable showroom like the Genesis dealer near Riverside to explore all its subtle design touches.