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What Does the Check Engine Light Warn Us About?

When you see the Check Engine Light turned on, it can confuse you beyond measure, where you might think, now what? But we are quite sure, if you know what this light is meant to do, you would be more stable on confident next time. A senior mechanic who is in charge of the Mount Laurel check engine light department assured, that once you know the language the check engine light speaks, you’ll even know when to worry and when not.

Common Issues

The check engine light is meant to warn the car user whenever there is anything wrong in any of the engine parts or in the exhaust system which is also related directly to the engine. So, even some simple issues like the following can turn on the check engine light. All these issues that are alerted by the check engine light can be fixed with some DIY techniques that won’t even cost you much. You can know that the issue isn’t that serious if the check engine light simply stays on steadily.

LooseGas Cap:

The most commonreason why the “check engine” light comes up is a loose fitting of the gas cap or onethat somehow got damaged.Because of this fuel spills out and gets emitted more often. The check engine light is to let you know about this disorder, so that you can take the necessary action, and stop the costly fuel from such loss.

Faulty Oxygen Sensor:

Even if the oxygen sensor getsdamaged, it is the duty of the onboard diagnostic system of your car to let you know about this, since this will inevitably affect the engine performance. A faulty oxygen sensor will lose its ability to produce an accurate oxygen reading and can mislead other mechanisms that are dependent on this part.

Serious Issues

Unlike the above mentioned issues that makes the check engine light stay on the serious issues like the following will make the light flash or beep. In such cases know that it can only be handled by a professional, and a DIY technique will not help.

Damaged Catalytic Converter:

If the catalytic converter of your car gets damaged, it will not allow the engine to run after sometime. But before it comes to that stage, the in-car diagnostic system will alert you through the check engine light. But you can also know this fact if you find the mileage of your car has come down drastically while your ride comfort will suffer a serious setback.

Issues with Spark Plugs or Electrical Wiring:

If the Spark plug or any of the electrical wiring is out of place, they will make the check engine light beep and alert the driver about the issue.

All these issues can only be rectified by a trained professional, otherwise it can lead to much costlier a repair work ahead, warned the mechanic who conducts the check engine light testing in Mount Laurel.

Hence, apart from the gas cap, a car user can’t deal with the check engine light of his own and must take the car to a repair shop to prevent any further damage.