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Why You Should Have Bent Wheel Rims Quickly Repaired Instead of Buying New Ones

Since the time that the first few vehicles came into existence, there has been a growing need for wheel rim repairs and replacement. These are but one of the many maintenance phases a car has to go through in its’ service life.

Whether you require a chrome rim repair work, dented rim repair work or your alloy rim fixed, you can find somebody who can do it for you or do it for yourself.  However, most people are quick to buy new ones which are rather unfortunate.

Is repairing a damaged wheel rim truly a good idea?

Wheels and rims are notoriously pricey, but leaving one bent rather than repairing it can lead to further damage to your car’s wheel alignment.

Implying you may, in time, have to replace your car instead of just the rim, it is far more economical to choose wheel rim repair instead of buying a new one or having to replace your vehicle altogether. All that is needed are the right tools and technical ability.  If you have neither of these things, you can always take up the matter with a professional who can conduct the repairs for you.

How is a wheel rim repair performed?

Whether you choose to undertake the task yourself or leave the matter to professionals, it is always a good idea to learn a thing or two about mag wheel repair services.

To begin work on a wheel rim repair job, the following tools are needed:

  • hydraulic jack and jack stand
  • blanket or floor mat
  • a propane torch
  • mallet
  • wood slab.

Your very first challenge is going to be getting the wheel off the rim. This is hard as they are designed to fit snugly. There is a machine that you can use to make the work easier although most people would not have access to such equipment. For this reason, wheel rim repairs are a job that is typically best left to professionals.

Of course, if you are confident that you won’t be causing more damage, you can use a crowbar and start prying the rim out of the wheel. This is not as simple as you might think and even if you are keen on doing it yourself, it might be easier to get the wheels to the nearest shop if only to save you the time and effort.

The wheels are out, now what?

At this point, you should already have the rims detached from the vehicle. This is important as a blow torch will be necessary to heat the damaged section of the rims. Proceeding with this step while the rims are still connected to the vehicle might result in doing more harm than good.

Once the damaged section is heated just enough to be malleable, you can then use a mallet to strike the rim back into shape against some wooden planks. Ensure that the slab is level as it will guide you towards hammering the rim into the correct position. You can practice by heating a piece of metal then try striking it back into shape. Don’t worry about damaging the finish as you can always bring it in for painting and line marking.

Make sure to use protective gloves when working with your blow torch and only use it on the rim for no more than 2 minutes at a time. Start hammering immediately while the rims are still hot for best results. This will need to be done repeatedly until you get it just right. With some perseverance and work, almost anyone can do a bent rim repair task on their wheel.