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3 Braking Kits that Every Vehicle Deserves

Making vehicles ready for the road is a tedious task. The aesthetics don’t work when it comes to preventing an accident or prolonging the life of the engine, brakes do! The pedals that you press are just a part of the braking system. The main components are rotors, brake calipers, and brake pads. Brake calipers and brake pads create friction against the rotors to make the wheels stop. 

It is important to have the right brakes like the performance brakes to make sure that the vehicle is safe to drive. The 3 most amazing brake kits by DBC that you can buy at CrossDrilledRotors are listed below. Dive in! 

  1. The Black XD Brake Kit

The rotors that come with this kit are specially designed using the carbon-fiber ceramic formula since this kit is for high-muscle vehicles. The carbon-fiber formula offers an immediate stop during emergency situations. The rotors are electroplated too. This is necessary to make sure that rust and corrosion do not hamper the performance. The high-quality stainless steel shims offer perfect heat dissipation that keeps the rotors and wheels cool. 

The brake calipers and brake pads are built to be both speed-sensitive and temperature-sensitive. They create controlled friction so that the vehicle comes to a silent stop.

  1. The Black Kote Brake Kit

The rotors that come as a part of this DBC kit use the Premium Core Technology. They feature an Electrophoretic coating which keeps them safe from rust and corrosion. The rotor discs also feature cleaner castings around the non-machined areas. Hence, the vehicle comes to a much smoother stop. The multiple vane configuration offers perfect heat dissipation that keeps the rotors and the wheels safe from overheating. 

The brake pads are made with premium materials so that they minimize the production of brake dust. They also eliminate the noise and vibration that is otherwise caused due to brake judder.  

  1. The G3000 Brake Kit

This braking kit is an ideal option for everyday vehicles like cars that you drive to the office or college regularly. Their advanced rotor design features a double disc ground. The double disc pattern offers better grip and a better balance. They also reduce pedal pulsation to a very large extent. The edges of the rotor that are mill balanced eliminate the screeching noise of the wheels. The brake pads are made semi-metallic so that they last for a long time, offer proper heat dissipation, and eliminate brake dust.