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A short guide for rent-a-car first timers

Renting a car especially for beginners is quite daunting and full of uncertainties although it is completely exciting, you got to be extra cautious when it comes to driving a vehicle that is not yours. A car rental usually opens up a world of whole new possibilities especially when you travel to another place, however, you should avoid some pitfalls so that you will surely have a great experience.

For beginners, you should simply book a car reservation that usually involves a low-risk proposition rather than more akin to booking a hotel room and an airplane ticket. There are two different kinds of rates when it comes to renting a car; there is that you can pay when you pick up the car and there are some that have prepaid rates.

The first time that you rent a car, you will surely feel comfortable if you book a pay later rate which will have no cancellation penalty in a case that you want to change your plans or your flight gets canceled at the last minute.

There are three important things that you should remember when you rent a car according to Los Angeles Car Rental.

First, you should always consider the rates. The rates of car rental companies have significant charges for younger drivers that are ages 25 and below which are usually exceeding the cost of the rented car. These are added at the final tally of charges of your rental fee that is under a specific rate code for a waiver that you signed.

Second, you should bring your driver’s license with you along with your credit card. This is because desk agents of the car rental company will initially ask to see a valid identification of yours along with a credit card which will be photocopied for their documentation. Take note of this; a prepaid credit card will not work, or if you have a debit card, you have to undergo a lot of processes and approval in order for them to let you rent their car.

Lastly, you can overpay or purchase a car rental insurance considering that there is a large portion of the car rental contract concerning the possible accidents that might occur while the car is still being rented.

Make sure that if you are within the age limit, to bring all the identifications needed, most of all your driver’s license so that you can drive the car you want to rent. Rental companies do this kind of policy because they treat drivers 25 and below as potential

For groups and wants to rent a single car, there are also limitations when it comes to this matter to ensure the comfort of the passenger as well as safety and other concerns. If you opt to bring two to four people with you, the rental company will charge you for all the passengers, that is why if you are renting a car, it is better to bring in one person with you while your companions can rent another car for them to avoid extra costs.