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All details about AdBlue Emulator Euro 6 

The SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction) was conceptualized to reduce carbon emissions from automobiles. Even though the system is successful in doing so with an efficiency of up to 95%, SCR degrades the riding experience, disrupts gas sensors, and obturates AdBlue liquid pumps. 

All these frequent glitches have been a constant headache to the drivers. The expenses of the repair of such breakdowns are equivalent to an abyss in the pocket. 

Euro 6 mandates the use of catalytic converters to accomplish the environmental standards of exhaust gases. This is the reason why drivers are forced to use this setup despite so many disadvantages.

Therefore, automobile experts designed an AdBlue emulator. Technically, it simulates the SCR and poses fewer malfunctions to the engines.

Here is a guide that illustrates the nuts and bolts of the Adblue Emulator.

What is Adblue Emulator 

AdBlue Emulator euro 6  gets its name from the Adblue fluid, which is a 32% aqueous urea solution used as a reducing agent (to convert nitrogen oxide to water) in the SCR system. 

The issue with Adblue fluid is that it tends to freeze in places of temperature in the range of -10 degrees celsius, causing clogging in the pipes of the pump, further leading to overheating of the SCR system and subsequent power loss. 

These errors have a deleterious impact on the economic budget and the time of the driver, delaying consignment deliveries.

One-stop solution to this problem is  Adblue Emulator, the SCR simulator that needs no extra skills to operate. The equipment is installed in trucks, independent of the electronic setup of the vehicle, and is deeply connected with the engine control unit. 

Thus,  the diagnostic system remains unaware of the SCR absence and doesn’t encounter any DTC errors; hence, leaving power as an asset.

Advantages of AdBlue Emulator 

Besides expulsion of the repair expenditure, AdBlue Emulator assures glitch-less rides. The foremost advantage of the simulating system is the relinquishment of the expensive AdBlue liquid; thus, saving on fuel consumption.

A survey states that one year of abandonment of AdBlue fluid saves 5% of the annual expense, which is about 1300 euros for an average 120,000 km travel. 

Another cause of concern was illegal sales of the adulterated AdBlue liquid, which is detrimental to the mechanics of the catalytic converter. Therefore, skipping its use is a smart tactic to avoid heavy repercussions.

It is a very minimalist effort to configure the AdBlue emulator to the ECU; dismantling is also a matter of seconds. The convenience of switching on and off makes the AdBlue Emulator the go-to-go choice for avoiding the hardships of the SCR system.

Legal implications

Euro 6 are exclusive European emission standards for light and commercial vehicles. With the installation of Adblue emulators, the compliance of the vehicle to proposed guidelines of the regulation is compromised, i.e., the amount of exhaustive gases released in the environment is increased.

For the matter of trade, many vehicles travel beyond the boundaries of European nations where Adblue Emulators may be banned or liable to some penalty. Therefore, always check the regional laws regarding the same while traveling.