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All You Need to Know about the 2024 GMC Canyon Model

The 2024 GMC Canyon is a great option if you’re in the market for a pickup but would like something with a more compact profile than a full-size vehicle. This midsize pickup provides the convenience and adaptability of a full-size pickup in a more manageable package. GMC has changed for the most recent model year, making it a more compelling choice.

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Which Canyon Trim Levels Will GMC Offer In 2024?

Soon, you can choose between four different 2024 GMC Canyon trim levels (Elevation, AT4, Denali, and AT4X). In 2023, the AT4X debuted as a revised and improved off-road beast ready for any challenge. The new Canyon’s first glimpse reveals a windscreen with a steeper angle, greater overall proportions and enhanced aerodynamics. A larger and more prominent grille, a redesigned bumper, and improved lighting will give the front end a considerably more powerful appearance.

These should be considered minimum requirements for any product:

  • Lights for the truck bed cargo area.
  • One with a CornerStep in the back.
  • Glass with a strong colour.
  • It has a remote lock for the trunk.
  • Electrically movable outside mirrors.
  • Dark grey aluminium rims measure 18 inches in diameter.

Daytime running lights, taillights, and projector headlights all use LED technology to illuminate the road ahead, even in the darkest neighbourhoods. Available on higher versions include a sliding rear window, body-coloured bumpers and door handles, a spray-in bed liner, and 20-inch wheels. In addition, the MultiStow tailboard, electric moonroof and hard-folding tonneau cover by REV are all available on higher equipment levels.

The AT4X will come standard with front and rear axle locks, Multimedia shocks, and 33-inch all-terrain tyres in addition to the standard AT4’s features. The AT4X’s Edition 1 kit includes a winch, stronger bumpers, more cameras, light bars, and 17-inch wheels with Beadlock adapters. No matter your model, the revamped and improved Canyon will shine compared to other midsize pickupsSalem Chevrolet dealership is your resource if want to explore all these features on your own.

How Does The 2024 GMC Canyon Look on The Inside?

One of the most widely spread rumours about the upcoming 2024 GMC Canyon is that it would feature an improved interior. Experts agree that the cabin will undergo major revisions to make the Canyon seem more welcoming, upmarket, and technologically advanced. You and your guests will appreciate the alterations made to improve your travel experience in simplicity and luxury. The basic model has Bluetooth, an 8-inch instrument cluster, improved phone connectivity, and a touchscreen infotainment system. Changes to look forward to:

  • More USB sockets.
  • You may now charge your phone wirelessly.
  • It’s a wireless internet access point.
  • The gauges are an 11-inch screen.
  • A touchscreen displays with a diagonal of 11.3.
  • Strong acoustic capabilities.

Truck fans also speculate that GMC may sell upscale add-ons for the new Canyon as part of a la carte packages. Alternate colour choices on the inside may also be a novel addition. The new Canyon, or whatever GMC decides to offer in its place, will undoubtedly have upgraded inside materials and a more aesthetically pleasing dashboard design.


The preceding section focused on the 2024 GMC Canyon. Considering the importance of standard and optional safety and driver-aid systems, GMC has loaded the 2024 Canyon to the gills with them. Lights and high beams that turn on and off automatically, a following distance indicator, forward collision warning, hitch guiding, hitch view, lane-keep assist, lane departure warning, a back seat reminder, and Teen Driver should all be standard.