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Certified Pre-Owned Cars Vs Used Ones: Which Mazda Model will You Prefer?   

When you face a situation like ours where the dealership you visit has a huge collection of used and certified pre-owned cars of your favorite brand model, like Mazda, you will be naturally baffled for a while. Moreover, if you find the same model offered in two price ranges, one being very much in your budget but without the following benefits while the other being a certified pre-owned one will offer you all those benefits but at a seemingly negligible higher price, making the decision can be still more difficult. So, here we are jotting down all of those points that can help you choose between the certified pre-owned and used car models.

For this we consulted a group of experienced sellers whom we met at the dealership where we went to explore the used cars for sale in Las Vegas. They told us that these are also points that are considered as the advantages of a certified pre-owned car, and the shortfall of the used cars.

Inspection Done at 150-Points

Used vehicles are those that are usually not inspected by any authorized body. On the other hand, the vehicles that can pass through the full 150-point inspection, are certified by the concerned authorities and are put up for sales in dealerships under the category of pre-owned vehicles.  The certified pre-owned cars will invariably guarantee a good running condition, because of recent manufacturing, have an interior almost intact because they will be gently used, and only for a short period of time and will not have the option to offer any scope for negotiating the sales price.

Warranty is Important

For a Certified pre-owned vehicle, the dealership that is conducting the deal, will arrange for a warranty from the manufacturer itself. These warranties are often termed as extended warranties that are to be issued by the manufacturer and offer a “bumper-to-bumper” coverage.

Moreover, it is only for the certified pre-owned vehicles on which the brand manufacturer will still have considerations since it will be as good as a new vehicle model, and gives the user a guarantee of goo performance it goes without saying that any certified pre-owned vehicle will have lower miles traveled and lesser records of repair history. This will automatically convince the financers to go ahead with a deal, which the used cars would have to struggle for.

Making the Final Decision

When we saw the campaign hoarding used cars for sale Las Vegas, we knew it was like a golden opportunity for us to drive home our favorite Mazda model, at a negotiable price we can afford. But when we got to know the advantages of buying a certified pre-owned Mazda car, we chose it over the used version of the same model, even though the price of it was not negotiable, but surely affordable. So, if you have been in our shoes, which Mazda model would you have preferred to buy? Share your opinion in the comment box.