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Do You Need any Special Maintenance for High Mileage Vehicles

Anybody would envy the owner of a high mileage vehicle, but not many of us will know for sure if maintaining that kind of a vehicle needs any special maintenance course. As high mileage vehicles are used more often than the regular ones, the frequency of wear increases. Realizing that, we wanted to be sure from a professional, who should be attached to a reputable shop like the Coeur d’Alene service center.

According to him squeezing out 200,000 miles from a modern day car isn’t a big deal anymore. But even then, a separate category exists in the current automotive market that is named as the “high mileage vehicles”. So, where lies the difference? From him we got the following explanations.

Defining the Sphere of High-Mileage Vehicles

As of now, a car that can cross 100,000 miles without any trouble, can be benchmarked as high-mileage vehicle, though that is a common figure for the recent day vehicles and do not ask for any special attention. But today there are vehicles which are crossing 80,000 or 90,000 miles in a row, it is then that the owners should pay more attention towards the maintenance and servicing of their vehicles.

Keeping a car without a servicing till it reaches 200,000 miles might not make any difference, butafter crossing  80,000 miles any vehicle even if it is still going strong should be treated differently.

What Can Go Wrong?

After driving about 90,000 miles or so, several components start wearing off, that can affect the overall safety and performance of the vehicle. These components will mostly be the most crucial ones like the timing belt, spark plugs,hoses. At times, even if the internal parts of the engine still stay strong, other parts can start showing signs of wear.

What Needs to Be Done

To keep their high-mileage vehicle at a good shape, the owners must follow the below mentioned maintenance schedules:

Regular Inspections: This should be done in every four or eight months to make it easier for the mechanics to keep a vigilant eye on any probabilities of trouble. The maintenance work must include checking for any signs of battery corrosion, the belts and hoses for any visible cracks or leakage, perform a tire rotation session, and then of course look for any wear in the brake pads or brake lines.

Oil Change:Highmileage vehicle needs special oil that needs to containsome special additives that are particularly designed to keep the engine heavily lubricated, in order to reduce the amount of friction. Since you will always find the auto experts suggesting the owners of high-mileage vehicles should upgrade to high-mileage oil typeto make their vehicles last longer, since there isn’t much price difference between regular and high-mileage oil,.

According to the experts of the CDA service center the best way out is switching to Synthetic motor so that it can really set their vehicle engine free from any sludge. As per their experience, the interior side of a high-mileage vehicle engine that is fed with synthetic motor oil will always look as good as a brand new one.