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 Factors That Affect Car Umbrella Price

Car umbrellas are becoming increasingly popular due to the plethora of advantages that they provide and the protection it offers to cars. Many people are opting for automatic car umbrellas these days, and companies have come up with a range of products that suits the needs of different types of cars.

When buying a car umbrella, you must be wise about the type of umbrella you buy. The type of product that you purchase affects the car umbrella price, [ราคาร่มกันแดดรถยนต์, which is the term in Thai]. Let us look at the factors that affect the price of car umbrellas.

1.     Size:

There may be a variation in the price of car umbrellas depending on their size. Bigger cars require bigger umbrellas for complete coverage and best results. The size of the umbrella affects the cost of the umbrella. Before you prepare a budget for your umbrella, make sure that you have an idea about the size of your car as that is going to affect your budget for car umbrella price.

2.     Quality:

The prices of car umbrellas vary with variety. Your choice of a car umbrella should be according to the purpose it is going to serve. If you want an umbrella that serves multiple purposes and is sturdy, you might want to invest in quality. An all-purpose car umbrella is likely to be more beneficial for your car than a regular car umbrella.


The car umbrella price increases with better quality. The material of cloth used also affects the prices greatly. Different material of car umbrellas suits different purposes like protection from the sun or protection against a storm and the difference in choice makes a variation in price.

3.     Print:

The print on your car umbrella can also affect the price significantly. Umbrellas without many colour variations usually have a lower price than car umbrellas with intricate designs or colourful prints. Car umbrellas can also be used to advertise for a brand or company. These advertisements can be custom printed on to the umbrellas. These personalised prints can also significantly affect the price of your car umbrella.

Car umbrellas have proven to be of great use over the years, and more and more car owners are opting to buy car umbrellas. Based on your requirement and choice, there are various types of car umbrellas available in the market. You may also do a comparative study on your own about the different prices of car umbrellas before making a purchase.