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Five effective tips for maintaining your bike in good condition

Bikes are the best part of many people’s life where they will consider it as their baby. Many people are not showing the same interest in maintaining their bike as in buying the bike. Improper maintenance is the main reason for the short life of the bike. A good maintenance bike will be more efficient and give a consistently high-quality performance. A well-marinated bike is also safe to ride but many people don’t know how to maintain their bike. Here are some effective tips for maintaining your bike in good condition.

Check tyres regularly

When you buy the bike it is important to do a regular tyre check-up. You need to check the condition of your bike and the air pressure regularly to avoid accidents. If you have the lowest mileage bike then the proper maintenance will help you to improve your bike mileage. Ensure that the air pressures of your tyre maintained at the levels which are recommended by your bike manufacturer. Also do check for possible cuts and scrapes on your bike tyres which could cause undesirable things like a tyre blowout. In addition, check your tyre treads, wheel balance and alignment regularly.

Check engine oil

In the smooth operation and maintenance of your bike, engine oil plays a crucial role. When you buy a bike always do check for the existing customer reviews about the specific bike and its services. That means if you buy hero super splendour you need to do a check for the hero super splendor review to have a better experience. You always need to check the engine oil level and always maintain a correct level. Running your bike on dirty oil would just not increase the consumption of fuel but also drastically reduces the engine life.

Clean air filter

Make sure you keep the air filter clean because the dusty environment could clog up the filter in very little time. At the recommended intervals you need to change the air filter also enhance the cleaning frequency, especially in dusty conditions.

Lubricate the chain links

The chain of the bike needs regular lubrication, adjustment and cleaning. To clean your bike chain you can apply paraffin and instead of washing the chain with water, you should use a piece of cloth and a soft brush to clean. This is because washing the chain with water could rust the chain links. You can use engine oil for lubrication and also ensure your bike’s chain has the proper tension and free play.

Take care of brakes

You can save yourself from fatal injuries by hitting the brake at the right time. Rather than the brakes being neither too tight nor too loose, you can keep both the brakes holding the tyre properly spaced with brakes. As per your personal style and requirement, you can tighten the brakes of your bike.

Final thoughts

Other than this it is also recommended to do engine check, transmission system, maintain the battery, Regular service etc. The perfect maintained two-wheeler can guarantee a safe, reliable and comfortable commute. A bike can say a lot about its rider so ensure that your bike is putting in a good word for you.