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Five Signs Showing Your Car in Need of an Oil Change

To make a vehicle move several components work in tune with each other. Among them while some directly contribute to the movement, other help in making that movements smoother. On the contrary in the absence or deterioration of these components, it is natural for the vehicle to lose its full performing strength and efficiency.

Engine being the major moving component of any vehicle needs proper lubrication in order to stay fully functional. The engine oil acts as a layer of protection between the components that needs to be free flowing. If the engine oil reduces in quantity, or gets contaminated, the entire engine mechanism will start failing one by one, warned an auto expert who runs the North Houston oil change service.

He further explained, that in case you’ve forgotten or skipped the scheduled date for the engine oil change, it is your vehicle performance that will remind you of the blunder. First there will be minor signs of trouble which might take gigantic size, if you continue to drive your vehicle without changing the oil. We then came to know how every vehicle will start showing symptoms of a low level of engine oil, or a contaminated one.

  1. Fuel Inefficiency

When you bought your new car, it must have promised you of running either 3,000 miles or of three months of usage without any oil change. If it is a recently manufactured vehicle, the promise would have extended to 6,000 miles or a drive period of six months with a certain figure of mileage. But if you’ve skipped the oil change session after the said time, you might have to refill your fuel tank sooner than the said mileage figures, as the engine will start revolting for depriving it from its due refreshment.

  1. Knocking Sound from the Engine

If you fail to change the engine oil in time, it can start displaying its displeasure trough a knocking sound, whenever you key start the vehicle.

  1. Smoke Emitting from the Exhaust

Lack of proper lubrication also affects the exhaust system of a vehicle, that leads to emitting harmful chemicals like white smoke.

  1. Oil Odor Inside the Cabin

In case the reservoir of the engine oil has cracked up, or leaking, you can know from the oily odor that will most likely spread all over your car cabin.

  1. Check Engine Light

It is the dashboard and its several controls and indicative lights through which your car talks to you. if your dashboard shows the “check engine” light turned on and staying on, or blinking, know that the car is informing you of a disorder in the engine compartment. Though there can be other issues as well, mostly it happens, when the engine oil falls below its optimum level, or get contaminated.

The group of mechanics at the center of oil change service in North Houston thus recommends, that in case your car informs you for its need of an oil change, through these symptoms, do not ignore, and take the plunge to undergo an oil changing session at your earliest.