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Is it worth it to get tubeless tyres for your old car?

Tubeless tyres have become mainstream in recent years and rightly so. The advantages of getting tubeless car tyres are well documented and widely accepted. Moreover, tubeless tyre puncture repairs are also available everywhere, except in the remotest parts of the country. So, people are no longer apprehensive about buying vehicles with tubeless tyres anymore. But what about getting tubeless tyres for your old car, which has been in the family for some time – say 10 to 15 years?

Well, there are two factors which should determine your decision.

Number One: The condition of the wheel

There is an unsubstantiated belief that you need alloy wheels for tubeless tyres. In reality, any wheel, whether alloy or steel, will do if it is in a good condition. In case, the wheel has significant damage or bends, tubeless tyres cannot be installed. But if the wheel bends are not too significant, you can go for machine straightening to make them compatible with tubeless tyres.

Lastly, if your wheels have gotten rusty over time, a coat of anti-corrosion paint will help extend the life of your new tyres – both tubed and tubeless. So, check your car’s wheels for bends and rusting before buying tubeless tyres.

Number Two: The cost of getting new tubeless tyres

Buying tubeless tyres for an old car may escalate the overall cost. While tubeless tyres are just marginally expensive – or sometimes not even that if you are trading in your old tyres under a tyre exchange program – the cost can go up if you need new wheels. In that case, you may be better off with buying new tubed tyres.

In Conclusion

Having tubeless tyres is definitely more convenient for car owners as they are built from durable compounds and have better puncture resistance. But if you have kept your old car for sentimental reasons or use it as a backup vehicle, then you should consider the cost factor before making the choice.

In either case, buying tyres from a well-known Indian brand is the best choice when replacing old car tyres. Brands like Apollo Tyres know Indian roads and have a legacy of making high-performance tyres specific to the cars sold in the country. Moreover, you get better warranty coverage and on-road assistance in comparison to other brands.