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Proper Safety With the Best of Motorcycle Helmets

Wearing a helmet is not only a matter of common sense is also a legal requirement in this country. Tips for choosing, trying and buying a motorcycle helmet. For maintenance tips, cleaning the inside and outside of the helmet, to know when to change it and how to fix it, read the article “Care and clean your helmet”. To find out more about the technical standards of motorcycle helmets, read the corresponding article. Do not take less than 150 euros (excluding promotion), quality may be felt.

  • The brands are especially different on the outer design of the helmets and their inner shape. It is therefore imperative to try and wear them a little (10-15 minutes) to see if the foam does not hurt the head.
  • In the same market segment, the difference in price is mainly due to the novelty of the model. Good savings can be achieved by taking a model released a year or two ago.

After, it is the wealth of functions that plays: with or without anti-fog treatment, with or without vents, closable or not, with or without sunscreen, foam removable or not, detachable screen or not, more or less easily, chin anti –noise. Third element of price, the quality of finish: assembly, resistance of the varnish and the paint, quality of the external plastic elements and interior foams.

Some sellers say that the fiberglass helmets would be more efficient than the polycarbonates (which would justify that they are more expensive), it turns out to be quite wrong to use. Do not hesitate to take polycarbonate, the headphones all meet the same standards. On the other hand, the fiber helmets are lighter and therefore more comfortable on long journeys.

Legal obligation

  • Wearing a helmet for two-wheelers is a matter of two considerations: legal and safety.
  • Moreover, in the event of an accident, the unmasked motorcyclist will be held liable for insurance, resulting in a reduction in compensation for injuries.
  • This reduction in compensation can also be valid for an unmasked passenger.

This is the letter of the law. But what is the spirit?

Security requirement

Wearing a helmet is a measure of common sense. The state requires us to protect ourselves because the head is the most fragile and most exposed organ of our body. According to medical studies, the human skull cannot withstand a shock beyond 17 km / h without serious prejudice. This is probably why footballers and boxers often end a little weak coffee.


To better understand the biker trauma, read why protect your head. Let’s be honest: it’s not your little life that matters to the legislator. But any biker is also a citizen, therefore a taxpayer, a worker, a member of society in short, a source and a depository of wealth. Every citizen who dies or injures himself is a cost and a financial loss for the entire community. Wearing a helmet is therefore a matter of civic responsibility and collective responsibility.