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Protecting Your Car From the Weather

While Colorado may be known for its three hundred days of sunshine, that does not mean that your you or your car will be completely safe from the elements. In each season, there can be difficulties and dangers. Read on below to find out ways to mitigate damage and make repairs as needed.

Danger From Thunderstorms

Spring and autumn between the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains can be turbulent in the atmosphere. Between tornados, rain, hail, and wind, it can be devastating to be away from shelter during a storm. Despite your best efforts, you may need hail damage repair Lakewood CO to restore your car or you may need your insurance to help repair your home.

Danger From Snowstorms and Ice

While the snow often melts quickly, the blizzards that race into the Denver metro are no joking matter. Fifteen inches of snow or sleet can fall overnight. It may be useful to have an emergency kit in your vehicle should you get stuck in the middle of one. Preparations may include winter tires, a shovel, jumper cables, blankets, a flashlight, and dry food in case it takes several hours to be rescued.

Danger From Heat and Earth

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the direct sunlight and red earth can be damaging. Park in covered lots as often as possible, and make sure you regularly wash and wax your car (including the underbody) to protect from the natural dust and concrete dust from creating rust spots. Use shields to help prevent fading of the interior.

The weather and natural elements in Colorado is beautiful but can be a powerful force. It is important to anticipate the problems you might face in order to protect your home and belongings and take steps to alleviate some of the issues.