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The Best Way to Negotiate When Buying a Used Car

Nobody pays a “mark” or “sell” price when buying used cars. It just isn’t over. Even if you are a billionaire, you will try to bargain for a better deal than the one listed. But it’s not as simple as going back and forth with the salesperson, be it a private party or an agency until you come to a happy compromise, it is an art form. There are several different ways!

Old School Lowballer

The method is as simple as going back and forth with the seller until a happy compromise is reached. It is based on the principle that the person selling the car knows you will do so that the car transport is too expensive, or on a higher list intentionally so that the person who does not negotiate is fooled, or even by negotiating a lower price, the seller still gets more than the car’s value. However, there is more to this method than meets the eye. Want to find a “magic number” to unlock it. It should be low enough to still be a good deal, but not low enough to offend the seller. An insultingly low opening offer could put off a seller and now have nowhere to go but home.

The walking out Play

Negotiation is about who has the power, who is in control of the conversation, its speed, and direction. An emergency exit rescue may save face, but it can also be a waste of time on a lost cause. On the other hand, if you are practically open with Walk Out, you can get the seller that works without a commission, remember or the private seller practically asking you to lower the price! As with the straight shot method, this only works if you stick to it to the end. If your trick is announced, keep walking. If you don’t and you promise, the seller has the strength and you are frustrated.

The charmer

This isn’t the most elegant and worthy way to drive down used cars in pasco prices, but it works! Ads and billboards try to seduce and flirt in your subconscious and I think any advertiser will tell you that it works. Hell, even a salesperson can try this technique on you to reduce their caution.

And that’s what negotiation is all about, finding and exploiting the seller’s weakness. If you can turn the power in your favor, either honestly or with a healthy flirt, why not? You might love a cheap trip home 

The Cryer

Conclusion: it works. If you can make a few tears in real life, you will put the salesperson in the awkward position that you can sell the used car for nothing, I know I got out of many fines with this method. Who wants to deal with an adult man crying uncontrollably? It’s inconvenient and if selling a cheap car can take the seller away and uncomfortable, it might be.

Again, it’s not about your dignity, it’s about getting a good deal on a good used car and doing whatever it takes to get there No matter which method you use, a combination of several, or maybe a completely different method, make sure you know what you are doing. You have a plan and stick to it.