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The Brain to Vehicle Technology of Nissan

Nissan is a name in the automotive industry that is associated with loads of appreciation all over the world. It has created dream cars that also stood as inspiration for other automakers in framing their own flagship models. What makes Nissan models stay ahead of others in respect of popularity, is the way the models have been adept to the latest technologies that not only have elevated the safety and comfort levels in the vehicle but also enhanced the quality of rides.

An expert technician at the Salinas Nissan were proud to explain that at every Nissan factory the minds that work behind the splendid vehicle models are always in pursuit of delivering more excitement in every ride. And for this they choose the technologies, and in most cases even invent them that can increase the driving pleasure through detection, analysis and that can even respond to the brainwaves of the driver in real time. They call this approach as Brain-to-Vehicle technology.

Defining Brain-to-Vehicle Technology

This technology of Nissan is based on the result of the extensive research that has been pursued through years about using “brain decoding technology” to predict the actions of the driver in real time and also detect discomfort that the driver can face because of sudden illness, suffocation, slumber etc.

Features and Benefits of Brain to Vehicle Technology

This technology is invented and is being implemented to enhance theperformance of the driver, by enabling them to unleash their full potential in driving and achieving more control on the vehicle and their driving habits.

Provides personalization optionfor the Autonomous Drive mode and other related functionality in real time.

How it Works

The brain to vehicle technology is crafted to work in a certain way. There will be a system that will get into activation in a step by step manner, though the time it will take to follow all these steps would be so less, that it might appear almost as a magic that a magician might perform on you.


If you are driving in manual mode, the technology will start working first by identifying the behavioral signs of the driver’s brain whenever there is a tendency to initiate a movement like moving before turning the steering wheel or changing his posture a bit to push the accelerator pedal. The technology will be able to predict these movements and start reacting to them instantly whenever it is exhibiting a probability of unease and danger.


With the rising trend of autonomous driving modes, the brain to vehicle technology will take up the next step of detecting as well as evaluating the behavior of the driver, whenever there is any sign of discomfort. Theartificial intelligence enabled in this technology will start altering the driving configuration to first lower the chances of accidents and then make the necessary changes automatically to make the driver feel comfortable again.

At a Nissan dealer near Salinas the implementation of this technology was discussed in detail that made us wait eagerly for the upcoming vehicles from Nissan that will benefit the drivers with these benefits.