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Tips for Changing Windshield Wipers in 5 Steps

The wiper blades are composed of a metal structure with an anchor to the windscreen wiper arm, a rubber with a sharp edge that sweeps the glass and metal sheets that keep the rubber stretched and with some elasticity to adapt to the windshield shapes.

The most normal thing is that while the rubber of the brush itself fails, the anchor to the wiper arm also wears out and causes it to vibrate and clean badly. If that is the case, you need to change it even if the rubber is in perfect condition.

Below are some simple steps to follow when trying to change your windshield wiper.

#1: Buy the specific brushes for your car

It is too obvious to say that the first thing you have to do is buy the new brushes, but it is not so imprudent to clarify that before you change anything, check that you have bought the right set of brushes: that is, the same brand and model.

Each model uses some particular brushes and must be replaced by similar ones. To know if they are compatible, you must check that the lengths and anchors are correct.

#2: Put the windshield wipers in position

To get started, start the car and activates the windshield wipers so they are vertical. Once they arrive, turn off the vehicle’s engine. The objective of this task is to get them up and you can carry out the change operation easily, minimizing the risk of damage or scratches.

#3: Remove the used brushes

Now, to change them, you have to take the mobile wiper arm of one of the brushes, press the tab that you usually have to remove them and pull it to disengage it. You will not need any additional tools, just a little skill and exercise some pressure. Consider that each model has a different form of extraction, so it is best to consult in detail the instruction manual of your car or just visit Auto Glass Experts for help.

#4: Place the new ones

Once you have removed the used brushes, you just have to finish the job placing the new ones. For that, you have to perform the previous step but in reverse. You will have to insert the new one until it fits perfectly and check that, no matter how much you throw away, do not leave if you do not press the tab.

#5: Verify that they work correctly

The last step of this procedure is the one that involves checking that everything has been in perfect condition and ready to work properly. Consider that you will not operate the windshield wiper again until you need it because it is raining or because you must wash the windshield with water. And if something goes wrong, it will complicate your driving and put you unnecessarily at risk. To avoid this, start the car and turned on the windshield wiper. Try them at different speeds and using water. When you check that everything is fine, you will have finished.

One last recommendation: it is not advisable to change only one brush. When you have to renew one, you will remove the old ones and place the two new ones.