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Types of Garage Doors You Pick for Your Vehicle

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Garage doors can make or break the appeal of your home. Since most garages seem to be attached in the front of a house, they tend to get more attention from all around. Multiple garage door handyman services can rock your home but not every modification will work on yours for one reason or another. Whether you are considering to replace or install a new garage door, beware of the various types available. If you are already overwhelmed with the options you have in mind, this post will teach you the major types of garage door to pick for your vehicles.


  • Roll-Up Garage Doors


The roll-up garage doors can be used for both commercial and residential purposes. They are usually used in constructions with limited ceiling space. The roll-up door coils right up and down when opening and closing, respectively. The structure of the roll-up doors allows it to withstand severe usage. Besides, it offers high performance because it does not have any springs. This model is known for minimum corrosion and freezing.


  • Sectional Garage Doors


The sectional garage doors are becoming popular in homes because of their high performance and low maintenance. The door is constructed with panels that are connected using hinges. Each panel has a wheel on edge, allowing them to fit into the vertical track when the door is opening or closing. When the door is closed completely, it settles in line with your walls. On the other hand, the door stays parallel to the ceiling when it is opened. Besides, the door is fixed with high tension springs that prevent the door from drifting down unnecessarily.


  • Tilt-Up/Up and Over Canopy Garage Doors


This model of garage door is made with one solid piece. They don’t have sections but rather tilts up and inwards when opening using the pivoting hinge mechanism. When completely open, the garage door sits parallel to the ceiling extending past the front of the frames. This type of garage door is easy to use and maintain, giving homeowners an easy time when pulling into the driveway or parking.


  • Slide-to-Side Garage Doors


Just like the name is implying, the slide-to-side garage door is operated by bending the sections to the side of your garage. When the door is open entirely, it sits parallel to the wall. Slide to side garage doors has been used for a long time, especially in garages that have little headroom. The door runs on the trolleys that can move on slight slopes. With this door, you do not need the balancing springs. Instead, the door comes with inbuilt motors for an automated operation.


When you are looking to install or replace your garage door, ensure you look for the type that matches your lifestyle, your landscape as well as the garage usage. Beware that all kinds of garage doors have their level of maintenance and operations; therefore, your choice should be based on your preferences to ensure beautiful fittings are protected from severe conditions. Learn the best garage door that will offer an appealing appearance to your home as well as provide high performance. Have Silverspring garage door repair.