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Viable Inspection Tips for Your RV Van Before Taking it Out in Spokane 

RV is not just a random four-wheel drive but a mobile home. And this makes the vehicle more complicated. Often people forget the need for maintenance by focusing on the residence portion.

RV van requires as much maintenance and inspection as any other vehicle does, but the costs are way higher for RVs. Because it is your home as well, and just like your dry land home, this motorhome also needs maintenance.

The question is, is it hard to maintain? It might be in some cases. However, there are viable RV repairs in Spokane, WA to have a good check on your motorhome.

Essential Things That Need to Be Checked

The mindset differs from a standard vehicle driver when you are willing to take out your RV.

It is because a standard vehicle driver would only open the bonnet to ensure a good drive. But an RV driver would do it to check both, have a smooth movement and good days as a camper.

There are a few things you check before getting on the route. You would not meet any hurdle, most probably.

Check for leaks

It is the most challenging thing to do, but you have no other option. It is essential to ensure there are no leakages in the engine fluids and the motorhome. A camper van will likely have leakages every three months as the roof holds rainwater.

There are a few places to be checked for leakages:

  • Air vents in the living area
  • Roof edges
  • Air conditioning and the area around
  • Door


A camper van’s battery is most likely to expire soon, as they get a load of numerous electronic appliances necessary to have in the living area. Always check the battery health before taking it out.

Sometimes it also depends on the batteries, whether a dry battery or a liquid one. Liquid batteries could be used by re-filling acids, and dry battery requires replacement without a thought.

Break health

Breaks are sensitive to the frequency of usage and weight. RV vans have a lot of weight to put on the break, so check for brake fluid leakages or their overall health.

The maintenance might differ by the brake type, whether hydraulic or disk. However, it is crucial for you to check the brakes.

Check the slide-outs

Slide-outs could catch rust if not used frequently and can be damaged if used frequently. In either case, it is crucial to lubricate slide-outs with essential fluids. This way, your trip and stay won’t be affected by slide-out jams.

Re-fill/replace coolant

RV vans require a lot of ignition power to stay running your air conditioners, lights and kitchen. There are high chances if the coolant isn’t replaced, it will heat up. Even if the coolant is less than the required quantity, re-fill it.


It is recommended to check for RV repairs in Spokane, WA if there is an unfamiliar issue with your vehicle, and not attempt to do it yourself.

An RV needs to get checked every 3rd day or every week to avoid inconvenient experiences during your mobile stay.

People often overtrust its reliability and don’t inspect the vehicle. But it could lead to sudden on-route damages as an RV van’s machinery is also sensitive to external conditions, such as roads and weather temperature.