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What sets Wheelchair SUV apart from other vehicles in the industry?

The release of accessible SUV for wheelchair users has brought a great boom in the automobile industry. They have promised to provide a wide range of opportunities so that the customers can easily choose. They also get a chance to test-drive and see if the wheelchairs are comfortable.

Interesting features and benefits

The Wheelchair SUV is the newest model that has been introduced especially for the handicap users. It has excellent accessible features that have an amazing and unobstructed door. The door opening is about 33.5 inches wide and has a 32 inches wide manual with an in floor ramp system.

These new models will become a game changer in the wheelchair market. These are specially designed by the experts to outperform their competitors. The additional benefits are:

  • It has more floor length
  • Has more cargo space.
  • Has a wider floor width
  • The overall interior space is more
  • The more headroom, the wider ramp and wider door opening are all the extra features that one can find in this new model SUV.

The first model of the company was designed initially with the caregiver in mind. All the other manufacturers have the same thing with more or less equal features. Now the recent innovative concept has come out with ramp deploys and stows. This gives an unmatched ease by utilising the latest technology. This makes the system very easy to operate. This has therefore become the most wanted manual ramp in the market today.

The Wheelchair SUV has also conversion features that are a patented and ultra low in floor system. This feature is really astonishing with 32 inch width. It therefore allows a very safe entry and exit for most of the wheelchair users. The creation of additional space is an advantage for the user to manoeuvre without much effort.