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Why buying used car than a new one


Buying a new car has always been an excitement amongst people. However it is never the less in buying an old one as well because if a person is buying  a used car for him for the first time then defiantly is as god as a new car for him. Used cars in el cajon gives you that same feeling of new car in a pre owned car. They make a used car look as new as it was however the fact is it is pre owned and driven by somebody else in the past. It is always recommended to buy a used car than a new one if you are a new driver, not very sure of a driving or a frequent car changer.

There are many points to prove that buying a used car is always a better option than having a new car

  1. Cost effective: if you buy a new car then it defiantly would cost you more than a used car. Moreover in a new car you invest a lot in getting its interior done however when it comes to a used car then since it has been used by somebody else in the past so they might have done some interiors in the car which you get along once you go ahead and buy a used car.
  2. Less depreciation: This is one important thing that the depreciation a used car is less than a brand new car. The moment you take a new car out of the showroom the depreciation automatically decreases aprox 20-30 percent. However no such thing is applicable on a used car. 
  3. Fearless driving: If you buy a new car, you for sure drive it carefully and one single small scratch on the car becomes a nightmare for you, However if you buy a used car undoubtedly a single scratch would hurt you there as well but not up to that extent, because somewhere in your mind you have a point that is a used car.
  4. Road tax is less: It is one of the taxes which increase the cost of a new car; road tax is much higher on a new car than a used one. SO this is one of the points that makes used car better than a new one.
  5. Many options available: Once you go ahead and buy a used car you have a lot of options available which you can afford and comes under your budget, however in new car your budget get fixed to particular model or car because there may be a possibility that a car you like might be very expensive.

So the conclusion to this it is always better to have a used car, especially when you have just learned how to drive a car. Used cars in el Cajon will match all your requirements and give you best of the lot.