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Why We Need Red Auto Protection Now


We all want financial stability and financial freedom. This want is what fueled most people to start building and living in tiny houses. Rather than spending the rest of their lives paying for their mortgage, they opted to try living off the grid. This will give them the chance to put their money elsewhere – where it matters the most.

The same thing goes for other things we pay for. In a world where we have to work hard for every dollar we earn, it’s almost imperative that we have to be careful and smart where we put our money.

This lesson applies too especially in deciding whether or not you have to get a vehicle protection plan. The more predominant thought is that insurance premiums, of any kind, are not necessities. These are expenses that are way over our budget and are only ideal for those who have more “money to burn.”

We hate to burst your bubble but the truth of the matter is if you have a car and you don’t subscribe to an auto protection plan, you run the risk of spending a hefty portion of your budget on repairs, maintenance, and other car needs.

Yes, vehicle protection plans may require a huge amount of money at the start, but you can consider this as your investment. Think about the thousands of dollars you can save for checkups, maintenance, and repairs. With a protection plan in place, you won’t have to pay for these necessary expenses later on. It’s like working hard now to send your kids to school. Your hard work will eventually pay off later when you see your kids graduate and live better lives. In terms of car protection plans, you work hard to pay for the premiums now and enjoy the return of being more financially free later.

Red Auto Protection has the plans fit for your needs.

If you have a newer vehicle which only ran for less than 75,000 miles, you can avail of their best protection plan called Platinum Coverage. It basically covers all major parts of the vehicle so you can be at peace that any car parts breakdown, you’re covered. You won’t have to worry about where to get budget for unforeseen repair needs.

For cars running more than75,000 miles but less than 90,000 miles, the more appropriate plan for you is Red Auto Protection’s Gold Coverage. It covers repair, maintenance, and other expenses for the following parts – car brakes, heating unit, car air-conditioning, vehicle suspension, cooling unit, car drive axles, car electronic system, engine, transmission, transfer case, steering, seals, and gaskets.

For car owners with vehicles with 90,000 miles but less than 12,000 miles mileage, the ideal plan for them is Red Auto’s Powertrain Enhanced Plan. The general list of coverage includes car brakes, heating unit, car air-conditioning, vehicle suspension, cooling unit, car drive axles, car electronic systems, engine, transmission, transfer case, steering, seals, and gaskets. However, these are just items on the general list. To know the parts included in your specific coverage, it’s best to refer to your policy.

If you have a lesser budget, no need to worry. You can still choose from these three other plans – Powertrain Plus, Powertrain Plan, and the Prepaid Maintenance Coverage.

The first plan in the list covers all parts that are highly susceptible to breakdown so even if you’re running a little low on budget, you can subscribe to this and still be at ease that you won’t have to splurge on repairs later on.

The second plan on the list is ideal for vehicles which are nearing the 15,000 miles mileage mark, while the third one is an addendum which stipulates for expense reimbursements for certain maintenance and car checkups done.

See? You can still keep and stick to your budget even if you subscribe to a vehicle protection plan. With any of these plans in hand, it’s always win-win.

Speak to a Red Auto rep today and get covered!